about us

Image: Stefany Ruiz

Image: Stefany Ruiz

our journey

ELUKE (pronounced ay - luuk - ay) is a trove of unique adornments for people who believe they are one-of-a-kind by their own definition. All you have to do is be you. Whatever that may be. Be bold.

Founded by Etiti Ayeni in 2017, ELUKE is based in Washington, D.C., and recently, Chicago.

We produce our pieces in our Chicago studio and source many of our materials throughout West Africa. Every ELUKE piece is ethically crafted by hand to complement YOUR individuality, anytime and anywhere you choose to present it. With an ELUKE piece, "wear your bold" like an accessory for the world to see.


our mission

Born out of Ayeni's personal heritage, passion for culture and sustainability, ELUKE focuses on ways of repurposing materials and ethically hand-crafting each collection in small batches to ensure minimal waste is produced and items that stand the test of time are created.

Instead of disposing of scrap metals or fabrics - creating more waste and refuse, we use these materials to make components for future products, special edition collection items or exclusive artwork. Our goal is to make fashion zero-waste.

Our Process

We combine modern and traditional metal-smithing techniques with textiles to create harmonious pieces of art that can be worn.

Shying away from generic factory produced elements, we incorporate tactile objects like fabric, clay, beads, wire, leather and stones to match the organic uniqueness each of these objects possess. 


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