about us

ELUKE (pronounced Ay - Luuk - Ay) is more than a company that specializes in statement jewelry and accessories. It is a gateway to an amazing, awe-inspiring world where anyone can feel like royalty. All you have to do is be you. Whatever that may be. Be bold.

Why bold?

Every ELUKE piece is handcrafted to complement YOUR individuality, anytime and anywhere you choose to present it. With an ELUKE piece, "wear your bold" like an accessory for the world to see.

Be you... Whatever that may be. Be bold.
— Etiti Ayeni, Designer, @ett.ine

our products


Founded by Etiti Ayeni, ELUKE is a treasure trove of unique adornments for people who believe they are one-of-a-kind by their own definition.

Textiles, stones, leather, beads - these are just some of the materials that make up an ELUKE piece. Each piece is hand-crafted to guarantee that no two pieces are exactly alike. To match your uniqueness of course!


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